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The Northern District Court Practice Program offers continuing legal education programs throughout the year on a variety of topics and practice areas:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • Patent Law

  • Securities Law
  • Removal Jurisdiction
  • ADR and more.

Filled with practical and substantive information, and with the perspective of sitting federal court judges, these programs are generally inexpensive or free and offer MCLE credit.

Past programs have included:

  • Patent Law Roundtable
  • Class Action Fairness Act: Updates and Issues
  • Where Were the Gatekeepers?? How did so many executive frauds escape disclosure by the professionals who were supposed to guard the public against them?

These Programs fill up quickly!

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Upcoming Events

  • A Dialog Between Bench and Bar
    • A Dialog Between Bench and Bar
      January 31, 2019
      4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

    A dialog between Northern District Judges, the lawyers that practice before them, and in house counsel. The panel will comprise District Judge Susan Illston, Magistrate Judge Thomas Hixson, Elizabeth Pipkin of McManis Faulkner, and former Magistrate Judge and current Facebook Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal, who will also moderate the discussion. They will discuss topics such as discovery, motion practice, and cooperation and anticipate an active dialogue with the bench and bar members in the audience.